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The Corporate Management Challenge is a 2 in 1, a course in International Business and Management but with a competitive flair!

During 5 weeks, participants will take part in a world-class course in International Business and Management, acquiring new knowledge and testing it by managing a virtual business in a team, and competing against others in a simulated international market environment.

In total the teams will be competing with each other for 8 rounds, equivalent to two complete years of a business. The outline of the process is as follows:

  • Before each round, all participants will receive training by leading academic experts in international business strategy and growth, to better prepared them for the challenges ahead.
  • The decisions are made per team, and each participant in each team will take a leading role in managing a specific part of the business such as marketing, sales, operations, human resources or finance.
  • Throughout several rounds of the simulation, participants must design, source materials, manufacture, market and sell the products to be sold in international markets. 
  • After each round, they receive feedback on their performance in the form of market, competitive and financial reports.
  • The teams use this feedback to further refine their decision-making processes and effectiveness for the next competitive round.

The team effort is about 4 hours of work per week.

At the end of the competition, all participants will receive a micro-credential in Business and Management accredited by CPD UK equivalent to 20 hours of training, which they can add to their CV and portfolio as evidence of continuing professional development.

The members of the winning team will receive a Diploma of Excellence in Business and Management.

The winning team will be assessed by the position of the respective business in the simulation, measured by the respective market value.

Please check the Terms and Conditions that apply to the course and challenge.



Main advantages


  • Communication skills
  • Interpersonal skills and emotional intelligence
  • Critical thinking
  • Strategic thinking
  • Data handling and analysis
  • Problem-solving
  • Digital literacy


  • Teambuilding
  • Appraisal of the performance of team members

You will:

  • In a fun way, upskill the staff across your organization
  • Make them better prepared to face corporate challenges in international markets
  • Network with other participants
  • Receive a diploma evidencing continuing professional development accredited by CPD UK.

Who will deliver the course?

The course will be delivered by the team from Startup Finance Limited, a company accredited as a training provider in the UK and specialized in the delivery of online training courses in business and management using business simulations.

The computer simulations to be used in the course are owned and supported by COMPANY GAME, a leader in computer simulations for educational and corporate markets. An in-depth description of the simulation software to be used can be viewed here.

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CPD accredited

All participants will get a micro-credential recognized by CPD UK to evidence their Continuing Professional Development

Earn a micro-credential

Showcase the skills acquired in your CV and portfolio